Bennett Bricker


Bennett has spent many years living and working in the Camden area as a Certified Real Estate Appraiser, and in this field, he developed an expert’s eye for detail as a Real Estate Broker. He has the knowledge and experience to know what improvements might cost a buyer too much for it to be worthwhile and what improvements might add value to their home. He can spot the subtleties in a property that can make a world of difference to prospective new owners. Another byproduct of his appraisal work is his uncanny memory. He’s always willing to go the extra mile; he’s even stopped a gentleman mowing his lawn on an unlisted property and got his client their dream home! Bennett believes that his Client's interests are the most important part of any transaction and will work diligently to protect those interests. That is why he will only represent one client in a sale and not be involved in a Disclosed Dual situation.

Having sailed around the world, Bennett understands what a special area the Midcoast is. He and his wife of 25 years have long made their home in Camden. Now his boating takes place on the area’s beautiful lakes, where he tools around with his kids, grandkids, and Jake, their black lab.


Marc Ratner

"My name is Marc Ratner and in my adult life I’ve bought five homes and sold four. I don’t remember the names of the realtors I used to buy and sell the first two homes. Thankfully so. I remember the process as painful. I do remember the names of three of the four realtors that I used to buy and sell the second two homes. That’s too bad. My impression of those three is that one was possibly dishonest, one was incompetent and the third – with years and years of experience – was so surprisingly clueless, it was a surprise that this person could have made a living in real estate all these years.

I do remember the name of the realtor that I used to buy my current home in Maine – Bennett Bricker.

I live in the house of my dreams – Bennett found it.

We moved here from 3000 miles away – Bennett went way beyond what one could expect and handled every little detail – always with a smile – and he always got it right.

For the first time in nine real estate dealings everything went perfectly. Even those things that never go perfectly – they ended up going perfectly. Bennett gave us the right advice, the right contacts for inspectors and the right contact for the mortgage broker.

He got us the right house!

And the most amazing thing - He took on a client from 3000 miles away – who professed the desire to move to Maine and showed us properties for two years with never a complaint – he was never too busy and he always checked in with us and kept us up to date on what was happening around town.

And then when we finally did sell our home in California – he managed our new purchase with us 3000 miles away better than the local agent in California with 25 years experience did on our sale there.

I figure with all the time he put in he ended up earning less than minimum wage helping us buy our dream home.

I consider Bennett my friend.

Thankfully so."

Kathy G.

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know how incredibly impressed we were in our dealings with Bennett Bricker. With all of our moves (we are now living in our tenth home, with Summer St being the eleventh) we have had interactions along the way with several real estate agents, we have enjoyed them all, but Bennett is absolutely amazing! He is one of a kind. He is a very smart, invested, resourceful, purposeful and a caring man; one with whom you want on your side at all times! His enthusiasm and excitement for what he does is evident and makes you feel this is not just a job, but something he gets as passionate about as the you. If he doesn't know the answer to something, he will find it because he is as curious."

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