Here is extraordinary beauty on a human scale. Mountains yes, but you can hike or ski them in a day. Ocean sailing yes, but protected by harbors and Penobscot Bay. Lakes you can swim across, or bicycle around. The community too, is on a human scale. Not so small you feel limited; not so large you feel lost.

We have culture as well as beauty, and so boast resources quite out of scale with our size.
A chamber music series that draws Boston and New York talent. Nationally known conferences on foreign affairs, and technology. A museum making its name on its Wyeth collection. Schools for languages, boat building, furniture making, photography. One of the country's top golf courses.


As you travel the roads that roll through town after town, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful and scenic countryside.

Most towns are small, founded in the 1800s, and rural in nature. Some are on the coast, busied by the commerce of US Route 1; others are inland, and set amongst rolling fields, blueberry barrens, apple orchards and farms. When it comes to town character they are all unique architecturally and geographically, but there are deeper intangibles to explore. And this depth of community is far reaching.

We will gladly share our impressions, but it’s your own that matters most.
The best way to find out about a town is to drive through it, stop at the town office, talk with the clerk, pick up a town report. Walk your dog, take your kids to the school playground, buy a local newspaper at the general store, have a picnic. Talk to anyone you can; you’ll see firsthand what it’s like to live there, and you’ll have a feel for whether it’s a fit for you.

Links to Local Town Websites