A long-time Camden book store owner once told us Mainers are great readers. He’d worked in publishing for years and was amazed at his customers’ depth of knowledge and range of interests. This capacity and curiosity starts in childhood, and our schools help it develop. You may wish to explore them as you search for your home.

Public schools accept children based on their residence. The school districts in rural Maine cross town lines and even county lines. In School Administrative Districts, towns share resources and school buildings. In School Unions, towns retain their own school boards but share a superintendent. An abundance of options are available for private schooling.

Best indicators of quality and what might best fit your child’s learning style? Talk to other parents (we’ll help you with that), check out the Maine Educational Assessment test results, and make a school visit to meet the principal and teachers.

Many of our brokers have children who attend these schools, or went there themselves. We understand your concerns, and we’re happy to help you tap into the information you need to make your decision.