Selling your home in Camden or Midcoast Maine?

Selling your house or property is a big decision and it is important to choose a Realtor partner that understands how to navigate the process with you.

  • Should I sell my house?
  • Is now the right time to sell my home?
  • How much can I sell my house for?
  • How do I choose the right realtor?

There are many questions that arise as you prepare to sell your house, and it is important to work with a team with the experience to provide you with the right information, the right promotion and guide you through the sale.

Now is a great time to sell your house. We are trusted advisors with over 250 years of combined experience selling property in Midcoast Maine. No company will do a better job for you than Camden Real Estate Company.

How much is my house worth? Property Valuation

Understanding how much you can sell your house for is an important factor to consider when choosing a Realtor. We can help you determine the value of your property through a complete market analysis of sales, pending properties and competitive active listings. Our years of local experience and market knowledge allow for more accurate value estimates which will best serve you in your decision making process. This is extremely important in current market conditions.


If you are ready sell your house, there is no better time to sell and maximize its value.

Why sell your home with us?

Marketing, Advertising & Presentation

  • Extensive Google Ads & Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Broad range of local, national and international exposure
  • In-house photography-still and drone
  • Matterport ® virtual tours
  • Premium online and print exposure
  • In-house graphic design for all aspects of our services

Property Brochure

  • Compelling description of your property
  • Photos
  • Tax maps or surveys
  • Disclosures
  • Floor plans
  • Deeds
  • Any other information to present your property in its finest light

Preparing Your Home for Sale & Staging

  • We will walk you through how to best prepare your home for sale- from cleaning to de-cluttering, or making the front entrance look bright and welcoming
  • We will advise on staging your home- did you know it's proven that homes that are staged sell quicker and for more money
  • Utilize our in-house staging & design services to make your home look fresh and at its best

Finding Prospective Buyers & Caravaning Your Property

When selling your home, we don’t just wait for the phone to ring – we use a direct approach developed over years of practice and innovation. Our brokers will visit your property once listed for sale to get a first hand impression. This goes a long way when they need to answer questions from prospective buyers. We would be happy to discuss how we can best serve you to get your property sold.

But First...

Choosing The Right Broker to Sell Your House & Why It’s So Important

Buying or selling a home, property, investment or business can be the biggest decision of your life. You’ll want to do a little research; read individual broker bios on our website and interview one of our brokers before you make that decision.

You want to choose a broker you trust, someone tuned into who you are and what you expect. Look for an intuitive connection that will make it easy to share confidences and perspective. It’s this connection that creates a strong partnership and a smooth experience.

Once you have made the decision, other elements will fall into place as you prepare to buy or sell property.

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