Our goal is to work together to fnd you what you want and provide you with the best possible service from our vast knowledge of the current market conditions and local area.

Who represents whom? Now it’s time for a discussion about broker representation. We’ll explain it fully so you will be comfortable with your decision.

Most of our buyers are represented by their agents as a buyer agent. This is a contractual relationship that spells out what we will do for you and how long our agreement will be. On the rare occasion that your agent also represents the seller you will have the choice of disclosed dual agency (the agent represents both parties with written disclosure to do so) or having another agent represent you. Real Estate Relationships Form link here.

Knowing the towns and their differences- We will help you get familiar with the area (if you aren’t already) and we’ll sit down with a map and explain the differences from town to town. We won’t waste your time, we know it’s valuable.

Reviewing every available listing- Through the Multiple Listing Service we have access to all available listings (either listed with Camden Real Estate Company or other company’s listings). In addition we have access to more quiet listings or soon-to-be listings which is a big advantage in the current market.

Making your offer- Make your best possible offer with minimal contingencies particularly if you’re in a multiple offer situation. Sale prices last year in Knox County ran about 6 to 10% less than the asking price. Paying cash is best of course but if you’re planning on financing get pre-qualifed by a lending institution. We’ve found working with local lenders can streamline the process. Rates have recently gone up so confirm a rate and terms with your lender.

The process- From acceptance to closing is typically a 30-60 day window which affords time for organizing due diligence, financing and aligning yourself with the closing agent (usually an attorney or sometimes a title company).

Closing- Several days prior to the closing you will have wire transferred your funds into the closing agent’s account. This is also a time for transferring utilities into your name. Typically the day of or before the closing a walk-through of the property will be scheduled to confrm the condition and cleanliness of the property.

Sometimes buyers and sellers are not present for the closing. This is based on your convenience and availability. A power of attorney can be executed (by your attorney) to handle the closing for you in your absence.

Our commitment to you- We will be here through this entire process and available to you after the closing as well. We want to make this experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.