Are you considering buying a home in Camden or Midcoast Maine?

Our goal is to work together to find you what you want and provide you with the best possible service from our vast knowledge of the current market conditions and local area

We will be here through this entire process and are available to you after the closing as well. We want to make this experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.

Who represents whom?

In most cases, when you decide to buy a property and you choose a real estate agent to represent you, they will become your Buyers Agent. This is a contractual relationship that states what the agent will do for you, and how long the agreement will last. The buyer (you) do not have to pay any fees to the buyer agent. You will only pay the agreed amount for the listing you choose a listing to buy. That listing owner will have a Sellers Agent, or Listing Agent and after the processes below, and at the closing, or point of sale, you will pay the owner for the listing, and the owner will pay their Listing Agent a commission. An agreed-to percentage of that commission will then be paid to your Buyers Agent.

Knowing the Towns and Their Differences

We will help you get familiar with various towns and regions in the area (if you aren’t already). We’ll explain the many differences because we know it’s valuable.

Reviewing Every Available Listing

Through the Multiple Listing Service, we have access to all available listings (either listed with Camden Real Estate Company or other companies). In addition, we have access to our own soon-to-be listings, which is a big advantage in the current market.

Making your Offer

Make your best possible offer with minimal contingencies particularly if you’re in a multiple offer situation.

The Process

From making an offer until the closing, it’s typically a 30-60 day period which allows time for organizing due diligence, financing and aligning yourself with the Seller, their agent, and usually an attorney or sometimes a title company.

Nearing the Closing Date

Several days prior to the closing you will have wire transferred your funds into the Closing Agent's account. It’s around this time that you will begin transferring utilities into your name. Typically, the day of or sometimes before the closing, a walk-through of the property will be scheduled to confrm the condition and cleanliness of the property. Sometimes buyers and sellers are not present for the closing. This is based on your convenience and availability. A power of attorney can be executed (by your attorney) to handle the closing for you in your absence.

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