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Maggie grew up in Antigua, an island in the West Indies, where her father ran a boatyard. She came to Maine in 2001, settling in Hope as her father came to run Wayfarer Marine in Camden. She would become a boatbuilder herself and then move to Greece to live on a boat for a while before returning to Maine to pursue another passion: jewelry making. Creative pursuits and new adventures seem to mark Maggie’s life experience.

She came to real estate in 2017, in this area that she knows and loves so well. It quickly proved to be a passion – the way that no two days are the same and the opportunity it affords to meet all kinds of people.

These days, she’s married to a boat builder, and she spends much of her free time in her metalsmithing studio, crafting commissioned pieces and working on bronze sculptures.

Maggie is proud to be a member of the devoted team of professionals at Camden Real Estate Company. This pride is reflected in the honest communication and full commitment she demonstrates to every client.


Chris Kemp

"“My family has been in the market to purchase a home in the Camden/ Rockport area for the last 2 years or so. Our real estate agent, Maggie McGaw, showed us quite a few properties during this time. We made a couple of offers and were very close to buying land and building.

Maggie was patient, kind, and helpful throughout this process. She helped us maintain a positive attitude. About a year ago, she wrote a letter and mailed it to a lot of local residents. One of the responses has officially become our new home! We are beyond grateful and so blessed to be in our new home.

Thank you so much to Maggie McGaw, Bill Pickford, and Camden Real Estate for all of your professional assistance.”"

Sincerely, Robert Woodward

"While visiting Rockland Maine In August of 2017 my wife Elizabeth and I decided it would be a great place for a summer home and that we should look into the possibility of buying a home in the area. We stopped at a Real Estate Office in Camden to get general information on housing in the area. There we were greeted by Maggie McGaw. Over the next two days she devoted countless hours to us with general descriptions of all areas within 50 miles, conversations about our lifestyle and what we expected in a home, home styles we liked, what we wanted in a neighborhood. Before it was over she knew more about what we wanted than I think we did.

The next step was a video presentation of homes she thought we might like, then a drive-by tour to see the homes, where they were located and the neighborhoods they were in. She must have done a lot of research on each of the homes because she could answer every question we ask about each home. Then home tours of every home we considered a possibility.

We finally made a decision on a beautiful water front home, made an offer and it was accepted. During the due diligence period with Maggie’s help we discovered covenants and restriction in the deed that made the home unacceptable, Maggie agreed and we terminated the offer.

Both my wife and I were disappointed because we really loved the home and its location. Maggie’s response was “don’t worry we will find something you like even better” and she did. There were a couple of problems with the waterfront of the next home we selected, Maggie arranged both an excavating contractor and an arborist to meet with us there and discuss our concerns. The end result, problem solved, an offer was made and accepted and we are now moving into the house.

Maggie’s follow-up was extraordinary to say the least; she helped with the contractors, the home inspections, the necessary repairs, all utility hook-ups and even a full two page list of everything you needed to know about our new home and the area, restaurants, doctors, hospitals, events, on and on. Best of all were three things about Maggie; she was available 24/7, she answered every question about the properties, if she didn’t have the answer she said so then did the research to get the answer and last and perhaps best of all, her positive pleasant attitude.

By the way, I was a Real Estate broker in Indiana for more than 20 years so I recognize a really great agent when I work with one, and with no hesitation I can confirm Maggie is a great agent, and I recommend Maggie McGaw to anyone buying or selling a home.


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