Alex Tenneson Cohen

The Maine oceanfront cottage, village Victorian, or lakeside camp is a unique investment. People are not just buying a home; they are pursuing their own Maine dream. Is it sitting on the back deck at the camp watching the grand kids splash in the lake, or is it peering from the cottage breakfast nook as the morning sun hits the islands? To make that dream come true, it is vital to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the medley of Maine properties, but it also takes time, patience, and emotional intelligence to understand the rhythm and context of each Maine dream.

The wonderful thing about Maine is that those dreams can easily come true, but the success means pairing the vision with the perfect property. After eleven successful years in Maine real estate, I know the properties and I share my Maine dream with my wife and four young children. We are avid boaters, skiers, and hikers who pull our own lobster traps and might just stop by your place with some of our haul. I am close with the colorful personalities that run Maine's great art galleries, restaurants, committees, clubs, and government. I understand the many flavors of the Maine dream. Let's talk about yours.

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"Even a month after the closing of our 95 acre farm in Belfast, Alex Cohen is still at our beck and call for help and advice. Alex spent tireless hours searching for just the right property for us, tromping through woods, swamps, and fields, wading through damp and dirty cellars, exploring the heights and rafters of barns, and we couldn't be happier! He has matched us perfectly with the right property where we will spend the rest of our lives. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate transactions, his connections with local tradesmen and professionals have been extremely helpful, and his guidance through the buying process gave us great confidence. Alex made himself available to us at our convenience. Every phone call, email, and question was answered at all times of the day and night. He truly goes beyond the call of duty! We have two other properties for sale in other parts of Maine and must say that Alex Cohen is, by far, the best broker we've ever worked with." - Debbie Bird


"Alex is simply the best realtor my wife and I ever worked with, a true trusted advisor in all respects.

After vacationing on the coast of Maine for many years, my wife and I were ready to make a larger commitment to the area. We were hoping to find that ideal summer cottage for taking summer vacations with our 3 children to build a lifetime of memories. After spending time searching for listings on our own on the Internet, we met Alex who happened to own one of the listings we were interested in. We immediately felt comfortable sharing our needs with Alex, and we decided to invest time with Alex as a buyer broker to help us find the ideal property. Alex's knowledge of the market, combined with his honest, authentic approach enabled us to get to know the market really well.

I still remember the day when Alex called saying I found it--the place you have been looking for! The property hadn't been listed yet, and we met Alex the next day to view the spot. Indeed, it was exactly what we were looking for--seasonal oceanfront cottage, perfect neighborhood, in our price range. Alex arranged for us to meet the seller that day, and we knew it was the place for us. It's been 5 years now since we bought our place and it still stands out as the perfect fit for what we wanted.

We have gotten to know Alex over the years, and we have recommended him to several of our friends who also are seeking to come to the midcoast area. As our kids move off to college, and our lifestyle changes a few years down the road, I know we will work with Alex once again to support a more permanent move to the area. And we know our cottage will always be in the family for our kids (and their kids) to enjoy." - Bruce & Julie Ottomano